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Dinopus Spider
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    Eco-Tours & Environmental Education

"The natural world is an amazing place. From the tiniest microbe to the largest whale,
    ​all of life is interconnected.

Come and explore the web of life with me."

Jeannie Lawson
(Recipient of state and national 'Pride of Australia Medal' 2011)

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    EcoTours  and Then & Now Tours include: Fingal Island - Eco Tour | Nelson Bay Marina Walk | Tanilba Bay Convicts & Koalas | Woy Woy - Eco Walk | Terrigal Time-Tour | Natives & Nostalgia | Norah Head Nature & History | The Nature of Our Waterways | Rock Pool Ramble | Bugs, Beautiful Bugs 
Eco-Tours & Environmental Education            
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Thank you to all who participated in this initiative.


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The information provided in this series has been taken from various eco-tours that have been run by Harmony Visions since 1989.

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