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When Time was born
I wonder did it know what it would see
As aeon after aeon spread their wings
And spiral-danced
Across the realm of space?

In agonies of ecstasy
The stars ignite
And showered down the elements of life
That fell as star dust through the void.

A quickening became a pulse of love
An essence from that space between the stars
Was carried on the solar winds
And given form.

As perfect gravity and atmosphere combined
In a fragile, precious mote in time
Exquisite chemistries unite
To form the double helix as the way
The Universe began to know itself.

And Time bears witness to it all
Has seen the species rise and fall
Each one a note unique
In the music of the spheres.

Expanding ever-outwards
The cosmos rushes on
With galaxies and nebulae in tow
Toward that far horizon
Where perhaps there is an end,
Or perhaps a new beginning
As the cycle starts again.

Our dreams are woven in this place
Our atoms spun from outer space
We journey on and light the way
Like comets in the night,
A fleeting blaze of glory
As we grow, evolve and learn of love
And when we need to rest
We’ll leave behind our star-dust suit
And to the stars return.

© Jeannie Lawson, May 2021



Perhaps it was the quality of light through rain
That made the new bark seem to incandesce.
Shedding their old skin the grey gums glowed
Like candles through the forest.

Cicadas serenaded summer heat
Singing their joy of release
From restraints of the growing years,
The dream of flight now realised and true.

Through change the world, our lives, progress.

Onward and flowing through the change
Shedding layers of ourselves
With every twist and turn of life,
Our loves, our griefs, our aspirations
All pass from one to the next.
We become more than we were before,
And each moment becomes our world.

Looking up, in circles in the sky, I see the wedgetails
And know that today I am blessed by eagles.

© Jeannie Lawson 2020