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Poetry anthology
Jeannie has 3 poems in this book which was released in November 2017
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Our descent is bathed in song
Alien notes
A tunnel of sound
Heard and felt to the core
Wisdom etched in every note
From when the universe was born
Angels of Light
Singing the mysteries
of Life
of Love
of Being
The sound goes on forever
And takes us with it.

© Jeannie Lawson, 2018

Jeannie's poem
has been chosen for print in the Western Australian 'In My View' photographic and prose book to compliment the award-winning photograph by Janet O'Brien​, released in November 2017.

She also has some of her works ​​published as cards as part of the Friday Night Poets collaboration, December 2017.
During one of our whale swims in 2018 we entered the water to swim with a mother and calf, unaware that there was another whale there, too.

It was a male and he was singing to the new mum. It was an amazing experience as we 'felt' the sound as well as hearing it.​