Harmony Visions - Inspiration by Jeannie Lawson
Poetry anthology
Jeannie has 3 poems in this book which was released in November 2017
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Sea Spirits 
[The Dolphins]

Quick as a thought they move through the ocean
Gliding and diving, delighting in motion.
Twisting and turning back over and under,
Faster than lightning and deeper than thunder.
With a flick of the tail they soar through the sea
Laughing and loving and living and free.
Riding the bow-waves before racing on,
A few precious moments and then - they are gone.
Slipstream of memory caught in a glance
Somersault feelings of joining their dance.​​​​​​
(C) Jeannie Lawson, 201​​7

Jeannie's poem
has been chosen for print in the Western Australian 'In My View' photographic and prose book to compliment the award-winning photograph by Janet O'Brien​, released in November 2017.

She also has some of her works ​​published as cards as part of the Friday Night Poets collaboration, December 2017.